International Conference - The Science and Development of Transport


December 7th-8th, 2023, Hotel International, Zagreb, Croatia

ZIRP Youth is the student section of ZIRP Conference - The Science and Development of Transport, the region's leading conference in transport, logistics, and aeronautics, which brings together participants from over 20 countries.

The goal of ZIRP Youth is to connect students from different countries, different faculties and on different levels of study (undergraduate, graduate, and PhD studies).
Students interested in sharing knowledge and presenting their ideas, research, projects, and businesses in transportation sector are welcome to participate.

ZIRP Youth participants will gain access to relevant scientific insights and business opportunities.

ZIRP Youth provides a professional working environment, up-to date solutions and fresh ideas.

ZIRP Youth 2023 focuses on topics related to "Resilient transport systems and logistics".

If you are a student with a business idea or a product that you want to share with scientists and business entities, ZIRP Youth 2023 is the place to be!


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