Review process

Based on the relevant factors of paper evaluation, reviewers may decide that:

The paper is accepted for publication
The paper requires corrections and additions
The paper is not acceptable for publication

If a reviewer gives negative feedback on a paper, the submitting author is informed that the paper will not be accepted for publication.

The reviewers' opinions and suggestions are sent to the author who is then obliged, with the co-authors, to make the necessary adjustments according to the reviewers' instructions.

If the authors disagree with the suggestions made by the reviewer, the President of the Programme Committee reconciles the different opinions.

The final decision on paper publication is made at the meeting of the Programme Committee considering the opinions of the reviewers and respective author responses.

The reviewers will put special emphasis on the following aspects of the paper:

Originality of the paper
Scientific contribution of the paper 
Whether the authors have responded to relevant reviewer comments in a timely manner
Correct conference template and writing style
Correct conference title
Clear and concise article title, correct corresponding author and email address and affiliation
Fuzzy and missing figures, incorrect figure sequence or figure captions
Missing table, incorrect table sequence or table captions
Fuzzy equations, missing or incorrect equation sequence

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